Thesis writing

Pointers for keeping it simple and sleek

Hey reader! Now that you’re already reading this I should warn you that this requires you to get out of the comfort zone and not use conventional typesetting software. Perks of why you should do this is, that at a later point of time, it would be easier for you to publish papers in any format you like without having to jump around using those sloppy templates.

The Template

  • Download this Latex template here.
  • Sorry folks! But I am a big fan of Latex and would really suggest you use it as well.
  • Simply download any of the Tex packages suitable for your OS.
  • Expand this file and Voila! You are ready to be making an awesome thesis.

The guidelines to adopt

  • Documentation process is a difficult and tiresome process but if you start early, it will pay you well later.
  • Generally keep a thread in your documentation for the reader to be hooked on to.
    • Start with an introduction
    • Unfold all topics covered in that heading
    • Conclude the chapter
  • Structure all your data in tables and figures clearly. Don’t try and add too many figures lest you may be harrowed over “less content, more pictures”

For now, this is all. Feel free to get in touch.

Cheers! Sarthak