The social suicide squad

Looking through the glass that may be broken otherwise

Surprising that a few clicks here and there and one could completely isolate self from the clutches of the digital reality. Sadly, this is what the world has come to. I share a similar mood as I try penning down my thoughts and putting them together for the same digital reality I despise. Ironic and hypocritical; one may call it. But aren’t we all? So getting back to the current train of thought, I really think that technology and digital availability has made us so engrossed into other people’s lives that when we face the harsh reality of spending some quality time with ourself, learning and changing, we fail. As humans, I think its a degrading effect because at our intellectual apex with ourself, we tend to let emotions cloud judgment and drown ourselves in a consistent state of depression. Some folks who see through this, isolate themselves from this digital circus and try getting comfortable. But then regaining that sense of “connectedness”, one feels happy again and is caught in this vicious circle. Second law of thermodynamics states that the entropy of the system increases with time. In essence, chaos is bound to increase. Honestly, with all this digital connectedness, we tend to share our school of thought and divide upon strong viewpoints in the virtual world, losing the essential human tendency to interact in real life. This has degraded us to the effect that imagining a life without Internet and mobile phones seems impossible to comprehend. Over and over we go through the circle of depression, detachment, isolation, re-attachment and happiness. Over and over we commit the “digital suicide” when we go about breaking contact. In essence, we just want some attention.