Take charge

Getting in control of your choices

“Lucky her!”, exclaimed the disappointed candidate in complete dismay after realising that he didn’t make the list. Isn’t it so sad that when something goes well, we take credit and when things go against our way, we discredit fate and what not comes to our minds at the moment. Such is the attitude prevalent among the multitude of rats who would be willing to bring down people and climb upon the wreath’s of someone’s personal success. Only if one would be honest to himself and owned his life like his own and take decisions, there would be lesser dismay. Getting back to the candidate in disdain, he had just failed to make it through an interview for a job which was offered to a more capable woman. But the poor guy wouldn’t appreciate the hard work and caliber that the woman carried with herself into the posed challenge. Instead, he would blame luck and be disappointed. It is all about perspective to every situation. Someone has rightly said, it is all in the head.