What is right and what is wrong

At a coin flip moment in life, you are faced with two alternate scenarios. Had your heart and brain been aligned, you wouldn’t even have had this coin flip moment. The difference is between what you should and what you want to do. Unfortunately, life is a medley of such moments and what we are now is a stem out of the multiple choices we make in an instant. Imagine traversing a long Markov process leading you to alternate random possibilities. Challenge arises when you have to either go against what you really want or you do something knowing that it is wrong. Dilemma, as we call it, is a necessary evil in everyone’s life. What we may feel is wrong, we try and justify to be right. What we may feel as right, we try and make peace with the dire consequences. Aspiration is to be in a space where there is no such coin-flip moment and life goes on like the ideal Newtonian cycle. Unfortunately, the injection of reality puts us back on a gravelly road with a flat tire. Procrastination is a brain child of trying to exist in the mental realm of both the parallel universes resulting into inaction. It ends up dousing the fire of the heart with the peace of the mind, resulting in an endless turmoil of continuous build-up of anxiety.