Let there be light

For we are just a node on the network


At a coin flip moment in life, you are faced with two alternate scenarios. Had your heart and brain been aligned, you wouldn’t even have had this coin flip moment. The difference is between what you should and what you want to do. Unfortunately, life is a medley of such moments and what we are now is a stem out of the multiple choices we make in an instant. Imagine traversing a long Markov process leading you to alternate random possibilities.


Happy or sad is just a state of existence. Being the usual selves, we tend to chase after the expected societal norm working towards the journey of chaising after happiness. We, in the process tend to forget that it is our own state which we must take ownership of. It is all about defining the positioning of locus of control. We are all artists of our life but it all depends on who is holding the paintbrush.

The void

This heavy feeling within me that puts me into a zone of sulken mourning with despair and disappointment is that little void growing on my insecurities and lack of self-awareness. It is to the extent that I am unable to stop it taking control over my actions and behaviours. The growing void is a pit of failiing ambition, broken trust and most of all, a missing sense of purpose and comfort in knowing that your actions have meaning.

Take charge

“Lucky her!”, exclaimed the disappointed candidate in complete dismay after realising that he didn’t make the list. Isn’t it so sad that when something goes well, we take credit and when things go against our way, we discredit fate and what not comes to our minds at the moment. Such is the attitude prevalent among the multitude of rats who would be willing to bring down people and climb upon the wreath’s of someone’s personal success.

Vicious circle of anxiety

When he was in school, people told him that he should work hard towards getting good grades because that is the best thing to do. He took it at face value since elders used to be the know-it-all gurus. As the sun of an adolescent young mind was rising into new horizons of college, the society guided the soft clay to take up pursuit of intellect in engineering. He worked hard under the midnight lamp again to get good grades and learning decades old stuff.

The social suicide squad

Surprising that a few clicks here and there and one could completely isolate self from the clutches of the digital reality. Sadly, this is what the world has come to. I share a similar mood as I try penning down my thoughts and putting them together for the same digital reality I despise. Ironic and hypocritical; one may call it. But aren’t we all? So getting back to the current train of thought, I really think that technology and digital availability has made us so engrossed into other people’s lives that when we face the harsh reality of spending some quality time with ourself, learning and changing, we fail.


Bring about the change you want to see is what most say when we have heated discussions with ailments in an existing system. Captured in a web of an exisiting system, it is in the human nature to revolt and bring about a transition in how things are done. This is what we label as evolution and bringing about a change in how things are done. Over the millions of years of human existence, we pick up how things are given to us.

Thesis writing

Hey reader! Now that you’re already reading this I should warn you that this requires you to get out of the comfort zone and not use conventional typesetting software. Perks of why you should do this is, that at a later point of time, it would be easier for you to publish papers in any format you like without having to jump around using those sloppy templates. The Template Download this Latex template here.

How to make your web presence

I struggled on the internet to figure out how to mark my presence online and beacuse I believe in open source, I thus would like to share a quick step-by-step guide to launch yourself in the wide world of wonder. P.S. No money needed, but if you feel too generous, I won’t mind some charity coming along. GitHub Go to Github and create an account using your email id.

My first post

After a lot of gasping-for-air like moments, I could successfully setup my website and blog. Honestly, I could never have felt any more satisfied after doing this.